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Liz Stace

Liz Stace

I've been working with clay for nearly 40 years. During that time I have qualified in City & Guilds Part 1 & 2 in Ceramics. I have also graduated in a History and Theory of Art degree which has widened my approaches to art in all its forms. Art History showed me that all of us who work with clay are artists in our own right. I've also attended a variety of courses on specific ceramic techniques and enjoyed Master Days where professional potters have demonstrated their skills. I tutor small classes in my own studio in Tonbridge, Kent. Recently, I've had enquiries about accepting new students. All my classes are full so I'm not able to take additional students at the moment but it is worth contacting me to put your name on a Waiting List or to arrange a trial lesson to see the pottery facilities I have and to find out about the way I tutor.

Most of my own work concentrates on wheel thrown, functional, domestic pieces like: bottles, vases, bowls, jugs plates and mug etc. I like throwing but I do enjoy making handbuilt forms too. These include wall hangings like trees, slab and coil pots. I really enjoy exploring a variety of surface decoration and texture where the use of colour and glaze highlights these surface area. Sometimes I use the Raku firing process which is hard work but very exciting and produces wonderful metalic colours.

I have travelled in the southern hemisphere which gave me wonderful visual experiences. These have naturally influenced my work making it much more fluid and colourful. Ocean bowls and palm trees are examples of these travels. I have learnt that however long I've been working with clay there is so much more to learn. I try to introduce new glazes each year to add to the range of colours which I and my students can use. The glaze colours include dusty pale green, dark green, mottled pale blue, turquoise speckle, a glossy turquoise and midnight blue, denim blue and matt turquoise and fuschia. Each glaze will produce different hues and tones depending on temperature and thickness.

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