Coleford Pottery
Coleford Pottery is at

16 Lionel Road
Kent TN9 2TD

phone / fax / answering machine 01732 352925

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It's a short five minute walk from Tonbridge Station. Come out of the station, turn right, and turn right again into Waterloo Road, to walk behind Lidl. Take the second right into Wincliff Road, which becomes a pedestrian lane, not shown on this streetmap, which should open in a new window. The first left after it becomes a pedestrian lane is Lionel Road. There are two modern green telecom boxes on your right at the junction. The pottery is next to a church.

If you're driving southwards, be aware that the signposting around Tonbridge is misleading.

From the M25 clockwise the A21 southbound exit is from the two right hand lanes. From the M25 anticlockwise the A21 southbound exit is just at the start of the M26.

Drive south on the A21, signposted Hastings, for about seven miles; it crosses the river Medway on a viaduct. Just after a camera take the A26 exit, signposted Tunbridge Wells, even though Tonbridge is signposted as straight ahead. Get into the right lane of the slip road to immediately turn right to some traffic lights. Turn right onto the A26 into Tonbridge - Quarry Hill Road.

If you approach Tonbridge on the A21 from the south, take the first slip road after Castle Hill, just as the road becomes dual carriageway. At the first roundabout go half left uphill, signposted South Tonbridge and Southborough. You'll be in Pembury Road, going towards Tonbridge.

From Tunbridge Wells via Southborough you will enter Tonbridge on Quarry Hill Road.

From North Kent and Maidstone you'll approach from Tonbridge High Street.

This road map should open in a new window.

And here's a streetmap.

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